That´s me, in a nutshell

Hello there! Great that you decided to drop by my website!

I grew up in a huge patchwork family in a small town about 25 mins from Vienna, the heart of Austria. During my high school years at HTL Spengergasse, the class was focused on audio-visual media design, I regularly worked at a graphic design studio called Vektorama. During this time I gained a lot of self-confidence as an artist and learned some important facts about myself like my drive for creating moving image work. Therefore, I chose to continue my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, specialising in 3D character animation and game design. 

After graduating with a Bachelor in Arts in 2017, I started working professionally at the digital advertising agency TUNNEL23 as an animation designer. There I created work in different disciplines, including 2D animation, 3D character animation and Motion Graphics. My most fruitful experience was working with a team and learning to give and accept constructive feedback.

In 2019 I rediscovered my passion for learning new techniques and translating ideas into short narratives. Therefore I chose once again to continue studying an MA degree in animation in London at the Royal College of Art, which I recently successfully graduated from. In the future I want to combine different disciplines and collaborate with different artists. My curiosity and hunger to learn new techniques is what keeps my work innovative.