3.42‘ WiP

Making my first stop motion film

My films are mostly inspired by everyday events, ordinary scenarios seemingly obscure and fascinating. Within my work I try to question people’s behaviours and their way of dealing with each other in various situations.

In the the year of my MA at RCA I used this observational method on myself, creating a film that questions my ways off dealing with the challenges that await one when met with an ultimatum. I translate the overwhelming feeling of being small when facing external factors and portraying how decision making is affected by them. It was my first film to blur and stretch the borders between traditional and digital animation by mixing 3d and 2d animation techniques.

The main idea behind going back to university was to have the time to explore and learn a new technique. I always had a passion for crafting, especially for wood working. I enjoy the unique texture of every material and especially little imperfections nature comes with and always struggled a bit with the cleanness and ‘coldness‘ of 3D. So it was only the logical next step for me to combine his passions of crafting and animation to explore the world of stop-motion. As I didn’t have any experience in this area and limited support from RCA, a lot of research had to be conducted in order to make the puppets, cars and sets. One of the biggest challenge I had to overcome was to create the set in the very limited space of my room, as well as manage to live and sleep only 3.42‘ away from the setup.

The film is still in production, most parts ready to get animated, the trailer was screened at the BFI in July. Special thanks to Divya Tamilselvan for her immense support and help with the clothes for the puppets and the Flora Gardens Gang to make sure I didn’t loose my head or to go hungry.

Created with:

Cinema 4D


TV Paint


After Effects CC


Team Work