Urbaniser App

All your places in one app.

Urbaniser is an App that simply saves, organises and shares all the places you need and love, in any city in the world! Forget about your notes, screenshots or messages and start collecting fancy restaurants and trendy new shops in one place on your smartphone.

All the videos were made as part of a university project at the West London University. The student group approached me to help visualise their idea and bring some life into a 40 second Ad, two short Content Ads for Instagram and Youtube/Facebook as well as a simple Explainer to show the features of the App. All tough the student group didn‘t end up winning, it was a great chance for me to work on this project and I learned a lot. The short timeframe we had to come up with a story and to bring it to life made it even more interesting. It was the first time that I modelled and animated a character in Cinema 4d from scratch.


Created with:

Cinema 4D


After Effects CC


Illustrator CC