T-Mobile Selfservice App

Bring an idea to life.

In my time at the Austrian advertising company TUNNEL23 I created a lot of different campaigns for the cellphone company T-Mobile, one of them was to promote the T-Mobile Selfservice App. The App helps users to find their monthly bills as well as they can participate in surveys, win prices and have a look at the newest deals.

With the underlying concept ‘More Inside’ we tried to literally show the users the real value of the App: a Christmas bulb surprisingly filled with popcorn or a cactus with gummy bears inside. More than you ever expected, more inside than you could have guessed. More inside, more control, more advantages – T-Mobile.

The stunning visuals were created and animated with Cinema 4d and Autodesk Maya by me and set in scene as well as rendered with Octane by Adam Tubak.
Simple, understandable and just nice to look at.

Created with:

Cinema 4D


Autodesk Maya


After Effects CC


Illustrator CC